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As new and unique LLMs are being developed, we make sure to include a variety of them.
This way, everyone can experience the latest and greatest in AI advancements. Join us to explore the exciting world of LLMs and see what the future of AI has to offer.

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Frequently asked questions

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What is FridayGPT?
FridayGPT is a native macOS app that lets you instantly access ChatGPT and additional features, without login delays and troubles.
How is FridayGPT different from ChatGPT?
FridayGPT makes it easier to access ChatGPT by eliminating login delays and creating a shortcut for quick access. It also offers additional features such as Quick Actions, GPT-4 access, all for a fraction of price.
Can I use FridayGPT on other operating systems besides macOS?
No, FridayGPT is only available for mac operating systems
Do I need a ChatGPT subscription to use FridayGPT?
No, you just need an OpenAI Paid API key to start using FridayGPT
Is FridayGPT a paid app?
Yes, FridayGPT is a one time paid app with lifetime updates
Is FridayGPT safe and secure?
Yes, FridayGPT is safe and secure to use, and your personal information is protected and your messages never touch our servers. They're sent directly to the OpenAI preserving end-to-end encryption

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