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What our customers say

“FridayGPT has been great for fixing a ton of spelling - I barely need to look at the screen and could type blind, make a ton of mistakes, and still get to fix things in a couple of clicks. I've actually had my kids have a go by just typing at the speed they can go, fastest, and there are a million mistakes - but FridayGPT seems to know what they meant.”

Nik Thierry

“This app is incredible, must have!”

Sean H

“One feature that stands out as my favorite is the hands-free functionality. I can record my thoughts using voice to text feature, eliminating the need to type anything. the app offers custom keyboard shortcuts and prompts to help me organize my thoughts and make them presentable. I am truly impressed by the value it provides at such an affordable price”

Tanay Mishra

“That's crazy. I just bought it. I rambled at 70 wpm. Now I believe I can go higher and this gon take care of the rest. Crazy stuff.”


“FridayGPT application hangs in memory and checks the grammar according to the hotkey or even rewrites the style of the sentence. I now use it every day, in all chats and correspondence. I am now a confident, fluent writer. Before this, I sent messages to ChatGPT or tried to improvise with all sorts of crooked Grammarly assistants. Now, it takes me a second.”

Alexandr Fadeev, CTO of PLINK