How to 5x your typing speed

Ever thought about typing faster than Usain Bolt runs? (No, it's not a joke.) The Mac app FridayGPT is here to make that a reality.

Typing really fast

FridayGPT can take your poorly scribbled text and spit it out sounding like Shakespeare. It's like the Autocorrect feature of your phone on steroids. You've got to try it to believe it!

No matter your typing skills, FridayGPT lets you type loads without endlessly staring at your keyboard or screen, plunging you into a creative typing flow. It's a gem for anything from long essays to brainstorming sessions to diary entries.

Just picture this: the average Joe types about 30-40 words per minute while world typing champs blast about 200. So, struggling with typing speeds can sometimes feel like doing yoga in skinny jeans. And that's where FridayGPT enters!

You're probably thinking, "Okay. How do I try this magic?"

Get FridayGPT

Go wild, and jot down anything without stopping to correct anything. Then, just click grammar fix shortcut and watch it do its magic.

No sugarcoating here. It's going to feel a little weird at first. Typing without looking? However, stick with it, and it can be a game-changer.

Typing like a monkey might not sound like something you'd aspire to do, but it's the wacky things in life that add a pinch of fun into our tech-driven lives. It's your call.

In a nutshell, AI is changing the game! So, why not take advantage of this nifty tool nestled in your Mac? Give FridayGPT a go. You may find you can express your thoughts faster, and heck, even more creatively than ever before!